About Us

SIMPLE-CHECK©, a future leader of infrastructure management solutions!


Technology is making access to information easier for the general public. Finding the nearest electric terminal to charge one’s car, knowing flights schedules, sharing pictures and comments on the immediate environment… apps exist for everything!

Regarding our daily life, the ability to share information easily creates one illusion: thinking that this information is transmitted immediately to concerned professionals. In fact, there is a real boundary between apps used by the public and those used by professionals.

SIMPLE-CHECK SA helps its partners – local communities, infrastructures and public or private buildings’ managers – to take advantage of all available data to optimize their exploitation operations.

Our History

The SIMPLE-CHECK© approach was born in 2007. Originally, we aimed at creating an information sharing platform between stakeholders from the telco sector to make preventive and curative maintenance easier. After achieving this goal, we extended in 2009 this approach for other activity sectors, especially for the multi-technical management of banking agencies.

In 2010, we entered into a wider spread of this service approach as we were interested in the development of smart cities. From this perspective, we decided to develop a sharing platform between cities, exploitation companies and users to create a new community network, fully transparent and based on the citizens’ cooperation to improve the management of urban infrastructures.

The SIMPLE-CHECK SA company was also founded in 2013 to develop the #SIMPLE-CITY solution by continuing to meet expectations of infrastructure managers. Our target: becoming in a near future a global leader for infrastructure management solutions.

Our Service Approach

SIMPLE-CHECK SA keeps its clients at the heart of its organization by considering service delivery as a core value of utmost importance. Still attentive to concerns of our partners, we will aim at becoming your partner – meaning an associate involved and personally engaged into our common projects to make them successful in an optimal way.

Quality, efficiency, speed: your requirements are ours!