Tailor-Made Solutions

Tailor-Made Solutions

Discover our tailor-made approach!

SIMPLE-CHECK© provides you with a global system of innovative technologies to set up customized solutions designed and developed to meet expectations of infrastructures’ managers.

Whatever your activity sector, we bring tools, devices and services dedicated to support your operational challenges.


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We are innovating for big companies

  • Airports


    Making information traffic flow better, proposing innovative services to passengers, improving the buildings' management… SIMPLE-CHECK© provides airports' managers with its core expertise.

  • Railway Networks

    Railway Networks

    Train is a mobility solution full of future promise! Supporting railway networks' managers, SIMPLE-CHECK© develops products dedicated to the maintenance of the railway patrimony.

  • Roads & Motorways

    Roads & Motorways

    SIMPLE-CHECK© provides motorways' managers with solutions to cartography equipment assets on their network, with dynamic reporting tools, helps to create mobile services for users, etc...

  • Building & Private Areas

    Building & Private Areas

    Energy consumption, monitoring and maintenance, analysis of traffic flows: SIMPLE-CHECK© designs for buildings' managers customized solutions for an optimized data use.

Did you know?

Management of infrastructure maintenance for local communities

Local communities are dedicating expert teams to the management of urban infrastructures: streetlights, billboards, traffic lights, etc. These teams are using different tools to monitor their maintenance activities. The platform developed by SIMPLE-CHECK © is designed as a single tool enclosing data related to all urban infrastructures with a dedicated area for each team. For pool of communities, SIMPLE-CHECK© will allow mutualizing data of different cities and also optimizing strongly the global infrastructure management. Regarding large cities, the platform enables to master the own urban assets and related data instead of being dependent on tools provided by lessors.

Motorways maintenance

Solutions provided by SIMPLE-CHECK SA allow optimizing the management of road & motorway networks. Through SIMPLE-VIEW, you will be able for example to make an inventory of all road signs to make their regular replacement easier. Thanks to the 3D modelization of all motorways sections which will be integrated into the internal GIS of the network manager and then coupled to SIMPLE-MOBILE equipping the intervention teams, the manager will then benefit from a precise and real-time updated cartography of all incidents occurring on its network. SIMPLE-CHECK SA also sets up mobile solutions to enable network users to signal breakdowns in order for breakdowns mechanics to intervene as quickly as possible. All data related to these breakdowns will be in parallel submitted to the manager in order for him to get a global overview over the network.

Railway networks maintenance

How to make an efficient inventory of infrastructures equipping railway networks? Generally speaking, managers of these networks do not own any global tool enclosing all data, sorted by service category (energy, green ways, security, telco,…) and on a local basis. Through SIMPLE-VIEW, a 3D view of the network environment will be easily provided with all visible infrastructures (electrical boxes, traffic cones, electrical networks,….). These data will be then completed by workers by identifying additional relevant infrastructures through the SIMPLE-MOBILE application. This will generate a scalable database for a management optimization of the network assets on a long-term basis.

Management of workers’ mobility

SIMPLE-CHECK SA also proposes solutions to manage workers’ trips in the field. Based on cartography of planned trips and places to stay, it is possible with the SIMPLE-TRACK module to optimize itineraries and to monitor on a real-time basis individual trips. Coupled with a GPS located inside vehicles, teams will then only need to follow the defined itinerary. A solution provided to monitor the evolution of working sites, to track immediately problems but also to monitor consumptions (gas, carbon emissions) and to make annual reporting easier.

Creating infrastructures for a whole city

For development aid projects within territories like Africa for example, SIMPLE-CHECK SA provides a wide range of efficient tools. Before any set-up of construction work, SIMPLE-VIEW allows performing quickly a comprehensive inventory of existing infrastructures to get a database from which project managers will be able to monitor the work evolution without needing to be on-site. The implementation of a teleprocessing tool like SIMPLE-MOBILE plugged on the database will then enable an optimization of the infrastructure management. On a long-term basis, the tool will be ceded to the city in order to provide its own data to its technical services.

Service optimization through phone data analysis

Analyzing data of telco providers to propose optimized services to their customers: this is another example where SIMPLE-CHECK SA is able to help its partners through its SIMPLE-INDOOR and SIMPLE-OUTDOOR applications. Inside, through SIMPLE-INDOOR, it becomes possible to analyze population flows e.g. during an exhibition and thus to adapt the price of places according to the number of visitors. Analysis of outside flows through SIMPLE-OUTDOOR, e.g. for a theme park, will also allow providing visitors with the best itinerary (according to the waiting time for each activity), to optimize the shops location or to propose targeted marketing offers according to the profile of the population visiting the park.