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SIMPLE-CITY, the revolution of information
sharing for smart cities!

Why Simple-City?

SIMPLE-CHECK© through its #SIMPLE-CITY solution helps professionals and citizens/users to communicate for a good working of urban infrastructures.

From this perspective, we provide users with apps to report dysfunctions in their environment and provide professionals with innovative tools for a smooth infrastructure management.

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We are innovating for large cities

  • ville de lausanne
  • Field Survey

    Field Survey

    Develop the knowledge of your city infrastructures thanks to the creation of a targeted database.

  • Immersive View

    Immersive View

    Benefit from a virtual view of your city without moving from your office.

  • Innovation


    Get access to a simplified and intuitive visualization of your data.

The Simple-City Offer, for whom?

Leading a City? Need help to perform a Field Survey of your infrastructures and monitor your daily management in an efficient way? SIMPLE-CHECK© becomes your Partner to create an interactive map of your urban assets. On this basis, SIMPLE-CHECK© will build up a centralized management platform through the implementation of innovative tools.

Our Offer includes:

- A comprehensive cartographic inventory of your urban infrastructures to prepare the use of management tools: streetlight, radars, bus shelters, traffic lights, etc.
- A Panasonic Toughbook “Simple-Check Edition” including our software to get the immersive view.
- A wide range of management tools to design a tailor-made solution based on the Field Survey.